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Corvette 1961

This 1961 series 0800 is one of the most asked for models of Corvette. Our red with white sides has the 283 fuel injection engine with 4-speed. 102 inch W.B. and 177.2 inches long make this the right size for the right engine. This car sold for a staggering $4000 new and only 10,939 were made. The 61's had underneath dual exhaust - tack - seatbelts - sun vision - carpets - electric clock and outside rear view mirror. It makes this standard array an icon for this great 3934 pound sports car.

Origin (1953-1962): The Corvette first rolled off production lines on June 30, 1953. This care was designed by Harley Earl and produced by General Motors Inc. There were only about 300 Corvettes produced during the first year. And was only offered to special VIP's, not to the general public. The car was almost canceled after 1955 because of very disappointing sales. At that time, import sports cars only amounted for less than one percent of the cars purchased in America each year. ( The car was produced in order for General Motors, an American company, to stick their feet into the sports car market that was dominated by European car companies. This style of the car, nicknamed the C1, was in production from 1953 till 1962. It was at this time the numbering system for Corvettes was introduced. This particular style of the car was named the C1. ( The first Corvette wasn't exactly a 'muscle' car when it debuted. It only cranked out 150 horsepower when pushed to the limits. But in 1955, Chevrolet introduced a V8 for the Corvette. Even with this new engine, the company failed to sell even 700 models that year. With these disappointing sales, the decision was made to either drop the Corvette from the production line or to redesign it. So a redesigned Corvette was released in 1956. The newly redesigned Corvette was more readily accepted. The six cylinder, 150 horsepower engine was dropped from the new model and the V8 became the standard engine. It was during this time that the Corvette became America's favorite sports car because of its pure and raw speed. (Jones, Mark) The car became a standard competitor at drag strips and local races.

Corvette 1967

This rare 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injection 283 V8 wowed Sebring and was called "one of the world's finest sports cars". This screaming red princess has the speed and is one of the most desirable cars at Bayberry. There were 6,339 were made. The length is 168.0, weight of 2730 pounds, W.B. is 102.0 and a cost of $3465.